September 1, 2009

Digital September!

Stunning digitally rendered artwork. She's a beauty!

We are going to feature digital hifi for September! Digital in hifi has come a long, long way since the CD player and have made technical progress by leaps and bounds. But are they sonically good enough for high end audio connoisseurs?

Odiosleuth has already let one cat out of the bag by posting a teaser of the Jeff Rowland 201 Class D power amp. We have more to come in the form of a Jeff Rowland Capri pre amp which is volume chip and op-amp based.

On the digital front end, we have lined up the budget busting but also possibly giant killing?, Stello CDt 100 & DA 100 Signature pair. And lastly but surely, watch out for the stunning face lifted Ayre CX-7e MP CD player, because some curious minded one took a listen and curiosity killed the cat! It's that dangerously good!

Also watch out for our special feature of Power Line Conditioner grading! Yes, there is now a device available to check if your power conditioner works as advertised! The findings will also shock you about the quality of our TNB power grid A/C supply. Now we already know it's pretty bad, but nothing can prepare you about our findings to come!

Also watch out for the first of our many exciting home visits. This system lets you have your cake and eat it too, cream and all, non-fat!

We'll try to do more if time allows, but as it is, I think we're definitely in for an exciting hifi month. Stay tuned!

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