September 13, 2009

My Choice is.....

If this is an election, a 64% vs 36% final result can't be called anything but a landslide. :-)

The survey where I asked our readers which loudspeaker cables I'd buy, Siltech Classic Anniversary 550L or JPS Labs Superconductor 3, two third of you chose Siltech (though the survey did not generate a high number of votes - only 25). I think Siltech must be better known and many must have also heard what we hear in these cables - beauty, transparency and an overall articulate sound, and love them.

Thing would have been clear cut for me if I had RM30k to blow, my choice would be the Siltech Classic Anniversary 770L, the top model in the Classic Anniversary line. But I did not have that luxury. The next rung down was either the 550L or the JPS Labs Superconductor 3.

And I went for......
The JPS Labs Superconductor 3.

As I mentioned earlier, cable choice is pretty much subjective preference. The JPS Labs Superconductor 3 have a number of virtues that fit what I look for at this stage of my hifi journey. To go for JPS, first of course I have to make a conscious decision to give up the beautiful and silky highs from the Siltech cables, and I was beguiled by those highs to say the least. On the other hand, I think the highs from the Superconductor 3 are good too in their own right - excellently extended and open.

The other thing in the Superconductor 3's fit for me is its strength in conveying the 'energy' in music, which I also wrote about in my earlier post. My listening preference is not wanting to do 'easy listening', instead I want to hear and feel the effort, emotion and even angst that the musicians pour into their work. By this I do not mean just the macro dynamics, though the Superconductor 3 does macro very well too, such as heavy hitting drums and orchestral crescendos; but this applies too to 'smaller' matters - such as hearing the force applied in a guitar pluck, hearing in a vocalist not just the mouth, but the chest and diaphragm. However, do not misinterpret that I look for 'aggressiveness' or 'forwardness', far from it, it is the natural energy that one would hear in live music that I seek.

The Superconductor 3 is also transparent, detailed and well balanced, such that I believe they will last a few cycles of my equipment upgrades.

Running in on the Cable Cooker

So, here it is, the JPS Labs Superconductor 3 takes up residence in my system! :-)


mikelau.2 said...

My guess correct eh ? Wah, your system must be sounding great now with more slam ? Must go have a listen sometime. Congrats.
Your partner (in crime) obviously chose the siltech..heehee. It would be great if both of you (or a neutral sifu) can do a writeup of your 2 systems with reference to all the hifi attributes ? Afterall your amps are almost identical and driven by identical preamps but with very different ancillories. The difference will indeed be a source of information to all who read this blog. How about it ? Afterall this is hifi unlimited, right ?

OdioSleuth said...


You are welcome to listen to my system any time. Let's get it arranged.
You idea about writing up our system is great, we like it. We were also thinking whether you'd be open to the idea of you be the neutral party to do the write up for us, that would add some variety to this blog. Please think about it and we can discuss further. Thanks. :-)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

I always find the siltech beautifully sounding but a bit tame (si man) for my liking. I am not suprised that you chose jps for the energy and vibrancy. Congrats!

Big E said...

Congrats to Odiosleuth!

For another successful upgrade. There is really no poor cable between the Siltech Annivesary and the JPS Super Conductor. Just a matter of system synergy and personal preference which would lead to the final conclusion.

I believe Odiosleuth has taken great pains to paint the sonic capabilities of both cables in his review posted earlier, and they are indeed very closely and equally matched sound performance wise.

I also know for the fact that he listened to both for a long, long, time and considered his purchase decision carefully.

My advice as usual is again, to go listen to both cables yourself, then make your choice. Assuming one is in the market to splurge on cables that is.

OdioSleuth said...

Good to hear from you!
I believe cable is about matching, balancing and mostly personal taste. I can think of some systems that will greatly benefit from Siltech. And also some people I know if they hear my system will say, "Baa, not my cup of tea". :-)
Well, my meat may be some one else's poison lah. :-)

Big E,
Wise words! Always listen to cables yourselves before deciding. That would exactly be my sentiment too.

PuchongWong said...

Mike lau,

From what I read ur comments,I think ur very fair person, with good audiophile knowledge,I hold this sacred task u review Big E & Odioseuth system, I m sureit'll be a good read.

mikelau.2 said...

You are asking me to review a reviewer's system ? Joking huh ?This is a job for someone else with 'sifu status'.