October 24, 2009

A Magico Soulution! Only At Audio Image.

Magico V2 speakers.

Folks, I finally found the chance to hear the magic of Magico for my self. Audio Image has a pair of "budget" priced, (RM$65k/pair! See, I told you not to question my logic of "value") Magico V2 speakers on demo with the Soulution pre/power kombi!

Soulution pre/power kombi.
On the front end was a Nagra CDC CD player, which I admire a lot too! The best sound description of the demo system is just "Oh.... so natural".

Full frontal view of the "budget" Magico.
I think the Soulution pre/power kombi may have just found a buyer as I was there. So if you wanna hear the Magico strut it's stuff, hurry over and pay Adrian a visit!

The rear view of the Magico, note the three black cyclinders sticking out the back? Adrian says by inserting a shaft in to a marked hole on the cylinder's sides(which you'll notice if you look close enough) and turning the three cylinders clock/anti clock wise, you can tune the sound of the Magico in your room! A bit like positioning the Shun Mooks tweaks!(remember those?) Adrian, you sure about that?

Please contact Audio Image for an appointment, tel:03-79563077

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