January 18, 2010

Third Eye Blind

Rock is not part of my usual music diet. However, I am always keen to explore.

A friend at work suggested that I listened to a band with a cool name - "Third Eye Blind". She let me listen to a few tracks from their self-titled first album, I was instantly hooked. In addition to the dark and brooding qualities many rock bands display, Third Eye Blind (3eb) added just a wee bit of that Californian sunlit quality and American optimism (San Francisco is its birth place) to their music, that distinguished it from the others.

I liked it. So I went on to seek out their albums and chanced upon a CD with a collection of their best tracks from their 3 albums, for a total of 19 tracks. I quote the excellently written liner notes:
"The songs that comprise this collection come principally from Third Eye Blind's three albums to date: 1997's Third Eye Blind, 1999's Blue, and 2003's Out of the Vein. Each hot track continues the story of (Stephan) Jenkins' cool refusal to conform. The music is a at root about a singer and songwriter determined to stay in creative touch with his founding notions of freedom."

The recording quality turns out to be quite excellent, and the quality of the music is really high. I have been spinning the CD in my main system and in the car for a couple of weeks since.

This music is great and the melody is infectious. It always perks me up on a slow day. If you have not heard 3eb, check them out. :-)


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Andrew Saw said...

3EB is one of my favourie bands. Sadly the latest album is not avail in Bolehland and the prices ib the US are not too "friendly"