March 5, 2010

End Of Days For Tubes and Solid State Class A?

Nature vs Hifi?

I just read that some countries are considering a bill to outlaw the sale of any audio equipment that consumes more than 1W of electricity at idle, come year 2012. That's just 2 years away if the tree huggers get their way!

That means no more inefficient solid state class A or tube amps! Does that also means the coming of an end for hi-fidelity at large? Would we be listening to music via iPods, music servers, connected to class D amps driving our speakers(with non wood based material for a box!) as hifi in the future? Will advancing class D amps be able to sound as good as tubes or solid state class A designs by then?

I am not against tree huggers or any sort of green movement, but I feel hifi being at best, representing 5% of consumer electronics market should at least be exempted from green laws for now? Shoudn't they greenies go after the more extravagantly polluting SUV or 2 seater high performance sports cars first?

By the way, just to state my personal stand on environmental issues, that I would favour any green policies that are implemented in the most practical manner, like:
1) I do not order sharks fin soup(or any other endangered animal species) when dining out.
2) I plant as many greens as possible in my own garden.
3) I do support the 3R activities of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
4) I would like to use hybrid mode of transport, if only they are more affordable in Malaysia.
5) I work for an environmentally responsible corporation.
6) I help spread the green living practice, where possible.

But this bill to outlaw the sale of audio equipment consuming more than 1W at idle? I must procrastinate, at least until class D or PWM amps can sound like tubes or solid state class A. Environmentally friendly hifi? Another day perhaps? What do you think?

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WiKin said...

I concur with you Big E. Serious hi-fi amplifier accounts for a negligible % of the population. They should clamp down on other big fishes not letting the politics get in the way. I know of many American factories that have ridiculous processes that uses hundreds of Kilo Watts per minute running their ovens and chillers.