March 19, 2010

A Little Bit Of BBC Legacy Gets Auctioned.

This pair of Rogers made, BBC spec LS3/5A with serial no.003/004 pair probably dates back to 1974!

My good friend Jo, alerted me to this! A pair of LS3/5A speakers, made by Rogers, not just any pair, but one of the very first pairs ever made, with serial no.003/004 caused bidding frenzy on e-bay in the last 2 weeks amongst collectors of the BBC spec mini monitors(hey! what happened to serial no.001/002 pair?).

The internals of the earliest LS 3/5A known. Note the KEF made drivers and the complex passive cross over design.
The bidding just ended 3 days ago, with the winning bidder paying more than three thousand British pounds(that's nearly RM$18k, buyer pays for freight too!), for the ownership privilege of the once proud BBC historical pedigree. For the money, the new owner will also get some of the authentic BBC R&D specification documents for the classic LS3/5A grade mini monitors.

The pair's frequency responce chart and some of the original BBC R&D documents that will come as part of the purchase.
As you can see from the pictures, the speakers it self is well worn and not mint, as it was probably an R&D pair and perhaps a work horse in it's later life. I can't see a more meaningful way to invest in one's favorite hifi!(it'll probably appreciate in time and gain value too, which will make this a fine investment!)

More R&D document to validate the hstoric value of the LS 3/5A.
Congrats to the new owner, and may this person do the honour to preserve the BBC heritage of past excellence!

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