May 30, 2010

High Fidelity

Please don't call yourself a music-cum-movie buff if you haven't watched "High Fidelity", a movie adapted from Nick Hornby's famous novel of the same name. John Cusack, Jack Black were absolutely kick-ass in the movie about a bunch of losers manning a record store and their love stories which were all related to the music they listened to.

This is a classic scene which was sadly deleted from the movie.

About 3-4 years ago, an almost similar incident happened in Amcorp Mall. (i.e someone's daughter sold away his entire collection of precious LPs for a song). Ask Vinylphile like Adrian Wong of Audio Image and he could tell you what actually happened.

For music lovers (especially LP lovers), High Fidelity is a classic movie worth watching over and over again.

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Big E said...

Hifi Maverick,

High Fidelity is also one of my favorite movies too, well most Jack Black Movies will do actually, just like School Of Rock!