June 13, 2010

New From the Creek/Epos Stables.

The Creek Wyndsor turn table.

A turntable from Creek? I had to do a double take when I saw this turn table spinning some mighty fine tunes in Acoustic Arts in The Summit USJ a few days ago. Lawrence tells me this is the Creek Wyndsor, a new product from Creek, a company more known for it's integrated amps and CD players. I believe this is a natural path as Creek has been making excellent and affordable phono stages for sometime now.

The Wyndsor turn table looks very well built, with it's acrylic plater and X shaped plinth design common with most modern designs today. It comes fitted with a Rega supplied RB 300 arm and an electronic speed control unit for power supply regulation and easy speed changes between 33/45 rpms.

Retailing at just below RM$7k, the price is a wonderful design feature, in keeping with Micheal Creek's affordable audio products philosophy.
Epos Encore 50 flag ship speakers.
Next up is the new Epos Encore 50 flagship loud speakers. Like the Creek turntable, this loudspeaker's sonic performance just screams great value for money! Look at all the drivers and cabinet dampening system employed in side the speaker! All these for just RM$18k. The Chinese manufacturing might is responsible for such fine products at very affordable prices.
Inside the Encore 50.
Of course all that materials and technology is no use if it does not sound good, but good sound was heard from this Creek/Epos partnership on demo now in Acoustic Arts.

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