August 2, 2010

10 Qs For 2V1G. Featuring Winnie Ho, Jeffrey Lim & Maggie Lurva.

2V1G, now, whose the virgin and whose the gay here?

I had the opportunity to sample some of the new 2V1G songs from their up coming sophomore album, thanks to Hifi Maverick, who arranged the session with our good friend Maggie Lurva(who also happens to be the producer of the group). For those who still need to know, 2V1G comprises of 2 vocals, in the form of the Winnie Ho and Jeffery Lim(who replaced Regine Tai from the debut album) and lead by finger stlye guitarist Roger Wang.

I was kinda disappointed that Roger Wang couldn't make it for the 10 Qs session, due some last minute rescheduling of engagements. I had prepared quite a few Qs for Roger specifically as I am a great fan of the Sabahan guitarist. ML took over where Roger left off the Qs.

Here goes:

Big E: There's an alternative take to the name 2V1G a.k.a 2 Virgins and 1 Gay, it used to be pretty obvious previously who's what, but with Jeffery in the mix now, specifically, are you the new virgin or gay? Ha!Ha!

JL: I used to be a virgin, but perhaps now I am more gay? Ha!Ha! I am most happy when I sing, hence perhaps now days, I am feeling more gay, if you wanna put it that way.

Big E: Being the new member Jeffery, what do you feel you bring in to the group, musically?

JL: I feel when we do romantic ballads, which is a 2V1G specialty by the way, I think a male and a female duet is more meaningful. Perhaps it's just me? Maybe I am the old fashion kinda guy.

WH: I thought Jeffery brought out a lot of detailed emotions that we, as a group have never quite experienced before in the studio, I can only hope that those emotions are captured on the recording and the experience, translated to our audiences when they listen to our CD.

ML: Overall, the 2V1G concept has matured and the sound has mellowed a bit I would say, Roger is now more adaptable to the Chinese pop music style and he seems more comfortable leading the group musically. Roger no longer need to play as hard but yet able to express more through his guitar. I think he has refined his technique over the years to a point where he could actually offer more by playing less.

Big E: No plans to put in another instrument in to some of the songs of the new album?

ML: We are committed to the 2 Voices 1 Guitar concept. I must add that it was a tempting idea. We did try to put in some percussion instruments in to some of the songs. But in the end I still feel a guitar is big enough an instrument to carry two voices. You'd be surprised, that a single guitar in Roger's capable hands, can express so much harmonic overtones and musical dynamic range.

Big E: When Regine departed 2V1G, how did Jeffery came to join the group?

WH: I have known Jeffery for many years now as a truly talented male vocalist in Malaysia, but never had the chance to work with him. So when Regine left, and there was an opening, the first person that came to my mind was Jeffery! I spoke to ML and Roger about it, and they agreed. It was easy as that.

Big E: We have come to know Winnie since her Astro Talent Search winning days, and Roger is already well established as an artist before coming to 2v1G, what did Jeffery do prior to joining the group?

JL: I was in once the lead vocal for a local boy band called "Baby'. Unfortunately, the group disbanded after cutting only one album with Rock Records. Every one then went their separate ways and that was 8 years ago.

Big E: Do you guys do this(the recording artist thing) full time, or do you guys actually have day jobs?

WH: We actually sing for the passion of music. We are pretty realistic about the local recording industry has to offer, income wise. We do have day jobs to pay the bills of course. Singing is not so much about the fame and fortune, but it's a bonus if we get those too!(At this point Winnie goes, Giggle!Giggle!)

JL: I agree, I am a Graphic Design Artist by profession, and I only do singing for the fun of it.

ML: At Pop Pop Music, we actually encourage all the artist signed with us to have day jobs. We know the world wide music market is declining, and now even audiophile labels like us are not spared from the phenomena called down loads, thanks to the availability of hi-rez music files recently.

Big E: Winnie, what do you do for your day job?

WH: I am in to event management. I have my own company called Love Story. So if anyone wants to do any events, please let me know.

Big E: With the success of 2V1G's first album, selling well over 10,000 copies, expectations are naturally high with this follow up album. Is there pressure to repeat the success?

WH: I think best ML answer that question! I am just happy to lend my voice to the album.

ML: 2V1G will be the first audiophile music group to crossover in to mainstream pop with this album. Radio stations are friendlier to us this time round, and 2V1G will be on 98.8 FM play list once the album is out. We are also having road shows to go along with the 98.8 FM promotion gigs. I think our chances for sustained success is good.

Big E: That's good to know, but with the mainstream pop music buyers, many do not buy the original CDs, unlike the folks in the audiophile market. How do you communicate with your fans about getting the real thing?

WH: I would educate music lovers and our fans about the need to appreciate our music in the full sound quality possible, as we intended for them to hear. They would be missing out on a lot of subtle musical details and nuances not captured on the pirated disc, or down loads. We put a lot of effort in to the recording quality, to ensure that our audiences connect with our songs on an emotional level. If one buys a pirated disc or down loads he/she will not get to hear our work in it's full glory.

Big E: Winnie, any further thoughts you'd like to add for our last Q?

WH: Over the years in the recording industry, I've come to form this conclusion. An amateur looks for fame and fortune. A professional cultivates culture. I hope our audiences have the culture to appreciate honest and good music. Do not take things for granted. The way I see it, I'd still be singing good music in the future, irregardless of fame or fortune.

ML: Yeah! our artist at Pop Pop Music are not the shallow type, you know? We have musical depth, artistic culture and offer superior recording qualities to our audiences.
Winnie and Jeffery sings romantic ballads together, do they feel the romance? I am just being naughty here of course.

With that last question, I have also come to form my own conclusion about the 2V1G members, sans Roger. Maggie Lurva is the director of the project. Winnie Ho is the chatty, giggly girl of the group. And lastly Jeffery is the rather shy, introvert type!

We await their new sophomore album with bated breath, as Pop Pop Music plans to launch it by mid August 2010.

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