July 13, 2010

EgglestonWorks for Multichannels

EgglestonWorks has expanded its lineup to cater to the home theatre and surround sound enthusiasts. The new models include a surround speaker, the 'Katherine On-wall', which can also be used as the front left right speaker; a centre channel, called the 'Katherine Center'; and a subwoofer, the 'Point 1'.

The surround and centre speakers use the same tweeter and midrange driver as the other EgglestonWorks models. So if you are already an EgglestonWorks user and want to expand to multichannel, integration should not be an issue.

These new EgglestonWorks speakers are available for audition at Centre Circle Audio now.

The Katherine On-Wall, only 4" deep, it can be hung on the wall or flush-mounted. I also heard them demo'ed as a stereo pair, and they sounded fabulously that way too.

The Katherine On-Wall, another look.
The Katherine Center
The Point 1 subwoofer

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