July 24, 2010

KLIAV 2010, First Day Notes.

Folks, if one has not been to the show yet, here are a few attractions that I think one should look out for.
1) Try out any one of the 3D screens, it's cool to see Shakhira dancing Waka, Waka in 3D!
2) Go hear the future of class D amps and quite possibly, the best CD/SACD player available today, at the TAD room. The TAD CR-1 system rocks! A contender for "Best Sound of Show".
3) Check out the Audio Note, FM Acoustics and Avantgarde room in the 8th floor. The sound is supprisingly supple.
4) LS 3/5A room is sounding very high standards this year and is always full! I tried to go in 3 times and there's always a queue forming! Again, this is on the 8th floor.
5) YG Acoustics Carmel, the new entry level speaker costing RM$65k, made a strong debut at KLIAV. Finally, YG lives up to it's hype and show some promise. Located on the 7th floor.
6) LP hunting! I saw many out of print gems at the show! Prices are high, but take up rate is even higher. Bottom line, bring more $$$.
7) Attending the A.S.I. and Clearaudio talks organised by CMY on the 4th floor.
8) Have fun!

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