July 10, 2010

Used Cable Alert. Buyer Beware!

A pair of AQ Sky listed on www.ebay.com

Buying used cables is a great way to save some hifi budget. Cables seem to have very high depreciation rates compared to other hifi equipment. The higher end the cable, the higher rate of depreciation. Last year's top cable model can sometimes be had for half the price of new or even less! The money saved can be put to good use else where, or just treat your self to more music.

I love the Audioquest Sky interconnect. Granted, it's not the best cable in the world, and it's design is a little long in the tooth. However, for the sound it gives, the performance to value factor equals bargain if one buys them used. I've been searching a little while now for a 2nd pair of AQ Sky to link my phono stage to my pre amp. In the quest of my search for a used/pre owned pair, I came across a few pairs of questionable looking AQ Sky interconnects.

Another pair of AQ Sky listed on www.ebay.com

I search the http://www.ebay.com/ auctions, whose images I had used here for illustration only, and found many AQ Sky interconnects listed for sale. The price is an unbelievably cheap at USD$150/pair, plus freight. I sometimes feel if a bargain is too good to be true, then it probably is! But what do I know, I am just a dumb audiophool.
My own AQ Sky, compared with the two offers above, which should I buy?

I personally feel purchasing items from the www is risky to start with, as all one has, is to rely on seller info and transaction ratings. There's no way one can look and physically feel the item prior to confirming the purchase. Along the way other things like freight, customs clearance can be a hassle, and worst of all the product never received, or arrives D.O.A.(Dead On Arrival!) Everything works on a thin line of trust and a lot of luck. I must say though that most of my own online purchase experience has been pretty reliable so far, but I only deal with small items as yet. Personally, I prefer to buy local used hifi, at least those that I can physically see and touch to start with.

It is up to the buyer to check out the deal, do one's homework and pray for the best in such a case. When it comes to used cables listed on the www, let buyers beware and lastly, happy hifi shopping.

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