August 10, 2010

HiFi-Unlimited's 1st Anniversary!

Yes! We are 1, and counting. It has been an incredible hifi journey for us both, Odiosleuth and my self. It is also heartening to see more dealers warming up to us in support and we hope for the remaining few to hop on to the band wagon soon. We wish to thank all the friendly dealers and industry players who have supported us in kind and in advertisement.

We started out HiFi-Unlimited with the target of achieving 100,000 hits by our first anniversary. I am glad to say thay we have superseded our target by many yards. We organised readership activity in form of the Wadia write in contest, with moderate success. Perhaps Malaysians don't like to write in general? Who knows? We'll try something else very soon. We like to interact and reach out to our readers more in the near future.

We also wish to thank our hifi buddies and friends who gave us ideas, perspective, help without benefits, and shared their hifi systems with us. We just could not thank you enough, even for just being our friends. Hifi life would be boring otherwise.

If you have noticed, we have just done a template make over of the blog site to make it more colourful and less serious looking(ML, thanks for pointing that out!). We believe hifi should be fun and remain an activity to be shared among caring friends and like minded buddies.

Did we forget something? No we did not forget our loyal readers at all. We just decide to leave the most important VIPs for the last. With nearly 180,000 hits and counting, we could not have done it without the support of those reading this now. Your reader ship gives us a purpose of existence, the strength to keep going the journey and a joy to share all that is in music, finely reproduced by our proud hifi systems.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU! For reading HiFi-Unlimited.


HS said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the good work.

OdioSleuth said...

I echo Big E's many thanks to all the people who have supported HiFi Unlimited all this time.

And not least, thanks are also owed to Big E, who have poured his sweat, heart and soul into this blog, and allowed me to tag along for the amazing ride.

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Hey Guys, Congratulations. Wishing you many more successful years to come.

Big E said...

Thanks for the kind wishes guys! Keep reading!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...
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maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


for more impact, why not use the tagline like "unlimited passion, limited funds" in the header? thought it explains audiophilia in the most humorous way.....

just a suggestion from a copywriter wannabe :-))