August 23, 2010

Isotek CEO/MD's Visit to Centre Circle Audio - A Pirctorial

The CEO/MD of IsoTek, the UK power conditioning company, made a visit to Centre Circle Audio, its distributor in Malaysia, last Thursday. Big E and I were there to listen to Mr. Keith Marin talking about his company's products and design philosophy.

Big E will add Keith to his excellent 10 Qs series later. For now, we have a handful of photos to share.

Keith looking cool and relaxed before his talk.

He turned out to be both a humourous and...

...forceful speaker at the same time,...

...pushing his points through to the audience.

Not all sales talk, he also got technical and revealed his product designs to the audience, telling us about the design improvements as we move up IsoTek's product line.

Keith Martin and Nelson Chia (owner of Centre Circle Audio) posing with IsoTek's products.

The latest power conditioning product, The Aquarius (the item in the middle of the stack), was launched at the talk.

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