August 8, 2010

KEF Reference Series Speakers. Now Available In Colour From Perfect Hi-Fi.

Just some of the custom ed colour options available with the KEF Reference series line of speakers. There's a 15% price premium for the option of custom ed colour finishes.

KEF has been making fine hifi speakers since 1916. KEF has made many classic speakers in the past and was the sole driver supplier to classic BBC speaker designed models like the LS3/5A. The original KEF Reference series was launched in the early 80's, boasting CAD(Computer Aided Design) and stupendous sound quality(at the time).

For it's latest generation of Reference series speakers, in response to frequent request for custom ed coloured cabinets, KEF has finally relented, and has made available 12 custom colour range of automotive grade finishing for all their new Reference series line.

KEF's Asia Pacific Senior Business Manager, Franco Lock told me that today's high end speaker buyers not only want excellent sound, but also decor matching colour options. Now one can have it all!
A closer look at the Ferrari yellow automotive grade finish. Yummy!

Should you fancy one of these custom finished KEF Reference, simply contact Perfect Hi-Fi, KEF's Malaysian appointed dealer, ask for a demo, choose a model and colour of preference, pay a deposit for work to commence, wait 8-10 weeks for your speakers to arrive!

It's as easy as that.

Please call Alvin Tan at 012-6082168 or 03-21421693 for more details.

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Terrell Williamson said...

Hello HiFi unlimited!!

I can only speak from my experience from HiFi systems. I recently purchase a HiFi system here ( ) and I LOVE them. I use these all them mainly for surround sound, They blow me away using my vinyl as well playe!! When Im cracking out the beetles and LCD it just brings me back.. Like a time machine!!! I love it!! I can sync different devices on and off them very easily all at one time, And since they're wireless. They also have been great for my my sons games (when I let him use it lol!) So yea I really mike this new HiFi Stuff! wouldn't trade them!!