September 7, 2010

A Sine of Power? Sine SW-1PUK Wall Socket & SA-6 Power Bar.

The Sine UK 13 amp style wall socket in it's packaging.

Ever since Odiosleuth raved about the US Nema style Sine cryo processed duplex wall sockets, I've been wanting to give the UK equivalent a try, as I use UK 13 amp style plugs in my audio cave. The Sine product coded SW-1PUK wall socket is very well built, the contacts are platinum coated and cryo processed too. The aluminium face plate is classy looking. It's retail listed price is RM$414.00 a piece. Now, before you start shouting profanities at me and cursing my fore fathers. Please allow me to remind that you're reading Hifi-Unlimited, the high end audio blog. Ha!Ha!

The front aluminium panel has classy fit and glossy finishing.

Changing the wall sockets are a fairly easy task, provided one turns off the mains ELCB switch first, before even attempting to do anything. Then test with some low powered light to make sure the outlet no longer supplies the juices, just to be doubly sure! If you're still unsure and worried about your safety at this point, then hire an electrician to switch the wall socket for a small fee.

I did the switch my self, as there's only 3 cables to mug around with, just important to make sure I do not get the polarity wrong in the process. 10 minutes, and the shiny looking Sine wall socket is ready to play.
The cryo treated contacts of the back view.

Many had told me previously that if I had my system powered thru an isolated power transformer, a.k.a. the Torus Power RM8A, what ever cable or plug or socket that goes before it will have no effect what so ever on the system's audio performance. Well, in the context of my system, that was not the case. It was clearly audible from the get go that back ground noise such as hash, and hiss were clearly reduced. The reduced noise floor did one thing spectacularly well for my system in that my sound stage took on a certain fluidity, and open up both in width and depth. Sound stage layering is easier to discern too. Subtle timbre and harmonics of wooden musical instruments like violin, wood winds and cello were more flushed out than before. The high frequencies are notice ably cleaner and seems more extended too.

Again, for some, the effect was not big, and I can agree too, but for me, it was money well spent, as the premium contacts offered lowered noise floor overall. Combating noise floor is still one of my hifi holy grails.
Looks nice next to the standard house hold wall sockets.

My big fat and red JPS inwall power cable with MK Duraplug UK 13 amp fused style plug.

At the same time, I've decided to take the plunge too and replaced my heroic Wireworld Electrifier power bar with the Sine SA-6 power bar. As per my review sometime last year, I've found the Sine SA-6 to offer top notch build quality and superb contacts and resulted in better sound for my system. I've since tested other power bars, some which are some what better, but would cost either my right arm or my left leg! Other budget offerings just did not gel as well, again in the context of my system, just to quantify my statement. For the full report on the Sine SA-6, please refer to my previous report on the subject matter dated 03/06/2009.
I've also added the Sine SA-6 power bar to the system. The Isotek Isoplug filter is retained, for now.

The Sine power accessories does make a difference in the right direction for my system. I feel that the modest outlay is worth while, if one has a mid range or high end system to build on. It has certainly taken my musical enjoyment up a notch.

Sine power accessories is sold by Hi-Way Laser, contact Kenny at 019-2813399.

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