October 22, 2010

Audio Pro LV2 Speakers Let Your Music Flow Free!

Stylish, versatile and good sounds, hall marks of the Audio Pro LV2 speakers.
Audio Pro has released a range of wireless speakers with audiophile like sound quality called the LV series. These speakers only requires one to plug them in to a power supply point, hook up the supplied USB signal transmission dongle to source, which could be a PC, lap top or any USB capable AV Receivers. It's quite literally plug and play as there are no software to download or install. Audio Pro also supplies a remote control for convenience. The signal receiver, DAC and 25W amplifier are built inside the compact and stylish, leather wrapped speaker enclosure. The speakers are available in choice of black(as pictured above) or white finish.

One may also explore beaming music in 3 separate zones through out the house, all wireless via the home wi-fi network. However, this requires installing multiple pairs in various sections(zones) of one's home. The beautiful part about the multi zone option is that all three zones may have different programs being played simultaneously at the same time! I can imagine those who want music all over the house and not wanting to hack their walls to install wiring all over the place will see the Audio Pro LV2 as a god send!

Audio Pro is also preparing to launch the larger LV3 speakers which are an interesting floor stand design that looked very similar to a pair of Bose 501MKII(remember those?). It is expected to come with simple to use room correction feature on top of what is offered on the LV2 pair.

I had the opportunity to listen to a demo at a CMY Audio & Visual showroom and came away pretty impressed with what these LV2 pair of speaker can do musically. Go and audition them at any CMY Audio & Visual showrooms, if wireless lifestyle designed speakers with good sound floats your boat.

Audio Pro is sold by CMY Audio & Visual, contact John at 03-21439206.

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