November 3, 2010

A Diamond For the Masses? Usher Dancer Mini 1 Speakers.

For the first time, diamond technology drivers are available at truly affordable prices!

I can still clearly remember my first diamond tweeter experience a few years back. It was courtesy of a truly big boy system(in fact it's one of Malaysia's 10 best system, as rated by Leo Fung, the reviewer from Hong Kong just a few years ago), made up of all Goldmund electronics and Kharma Exquisite Reference speakers, in a dedicated room. Those in the scene long enough would probably know which system I am talking about here. I could still remember the pristine clarity of highly extended treble, each high note is wrap around in it's own halo of velvety "air". Female voices had almost angelic quality, so sensuous, it's as if your dream lover is whispering sweet nothings and lovingly blowing gentle kisses just behind your ears. Nothing could have ever prepared me for that first experience of the diamond kind. It was truly mind blowing!
The bi-wire able, WBY style speaker cable terminals, offering tonality tuning options to suit one's system and room.

Over the years, B&W had brought out more affordable diamond tweeter drivers on it's 8XX D series speakers. Only that affordable here still means costing more than your average family run about! By the way, the B&W 8XX D series speakers are pretty fine sounding too, in my books at least.
The Usher Dancer Mini 1 speakers are front ported for unfussy room to speaker coupling, which makes it rather easy to position for fine results.

Now, Usher Audio has just brought out a trully affordable(by high end standards, at least) by introducing it's own variety of the Diamond DMD tweeter design. Unlike B&W which coats the dome surface with diamond coating, Usher has decided to shower diamond coatings on to both the front and back surfaces of the metal driver, hence the DMD(Diamond-Metal-Diamond) moniker. I couldn't wait to find out if it'll re-kindle my first diamond experience. So after some begging, John Yew, boss of CMY Audio & Visual finally allowed me to bring these pair of babies home for a review. And you guys thought I was doing all this for you?

By the way, the all new Usher speaker series with Diamond DMD drivers are now on demo in all CMY Audio & Visual showrooms. If interested, do call John at 03-21439406 for further details.

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