January 13, 2011

Best Cables 2010.

Cables are the most controversial item(or is it Power Line Conditioners now days?) in hifi related discussion! I know many readers here, whose blood pressure goes up a few notches each time they read about our expensively insane, high end cable escapades!

If you're one of those people, then 2010 would have surely made your blood pressure boil less, as we become less cable obsessed. Talking about cables, I would like to share my thought on the cable loom theory a bit, based on our experience with the Kimber Kable set, courtesy of Hi-Way Laser.

I think that if one does not want to go out and explore the pit falls of cable matching, then cable loom theory does apply very positively in practice, as it'll provide a consistent sonic characteristic that'll take away cable matching guess work and almost guaranteed to achieve very high standards of fidelity vs price ratio performance . However, I am in the opinion that a set of well matched, highly synergistic cables from various manufacturers can potentially give more ultimate satisfaction. Having made that statement doesn't mean my mind is set in stone just yet. I'll need to do at least one more set of cable loom to prove or disprove my own conclusion.

In the mean time, here are the top three cables we liked in 2010.
Cardas Clear speaker cables.

Cardas Clear interconnects.

This Cardas Clear range of interconnect and speaker cables are the best we've heard from George's efforts. Gone are the romanticized, much laid back tonal qualities of the Golden Reference cables(which I like a lot, and feel there's still a place for them in today's market place), replaced by what is now crystal clear transparency and highly neutral, not to mention natural sonics. I really appreciate the new custom designed XLR connectors on the interconnects too! Only one brick bat, at these astonishing prices, Cardas should really give the cable packaging a re-think! But we already know what he would say.
Kimber Kable KCAG interconnects.

These mid priced Kimber KCAG silver cables are an interesting option. They offer high value overall performance, that will surely impress many. It is tonally neutral, highly transparent and looks like a pair of high polished jewels. Even that packaging case is special too!
Kimber Kable PK-10 power cord.

Another Kimber Kable rounds up our top three cables this year, and it's the PK-10 power cord. A 10 gauge design, meaning it's suitable for powering every hifi equipment, including juice hungry power amps. This near budget design out performs many other more expensive power cords for sound quality, and low noise floor levels. Terminated with gold plated Wattgate audio grade plugs on both ends! Need we say more?

More Best Of 2010 to come.

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