January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

As we sail in to another year of hifi adventures, I feel both blessed and cursed for the very same reason that we're here, talking about hifi and music.

I feel blessed being part of this 2 man tag team together with buddy Odiosleuth, we can have access to most of the hifi we'd like to play with. The cursed part is that when we get emotionally caught up in the review process and can't afford the gear in question, then we end up in emotional turmoil.

One such gear that got me in to this situation is the Bryston BDP-1 and BDA-1(Digital Media Player & DAC) combo. Truth be told, I am still struggling to go back to CDs. Thank goodness I still have the trusty Linn LP12 around to fill the gap.

In the coming weeks, both Odiosleuth and me, will be re-kindling some of the class act hifi gears of 2010, that came our way. We look forward to another bountiful 2011 year of hifi and more importantly, music.

Talking about music, one of my new year wish is that the major record companies will finally wake up to the fact that CD sales is unlikely to rebound, and the longer they hold on to a dying horse, the more it'll hurt them financially. The way forward and the opportunity to sell their catalogues all over again is through hi-rez down loads. I understand they have reservation about the music sharing and pirating issues, but I feel at this day and age of contents programing, they can easily include an anti copy(or the more reasonable copy once only) code inside the hi-rez down loads, to limit the act of file sharing possibilities. If any of the music majors are reading this, please consider?

Ahh..... there I go again, yada, yada, yada! With apologies.

We've also included a new blog link here, featuring local turn table tweaker Micheal Lim, and his take on the subject matter "Enjoy Life With LPs And Turntables".

Happy New Year!

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