February 18, 2011

Music All Around!

I spoke to the Pop Pop man who has just returned from HK for a business trip.

He recounted how disappointed to find out that even an entertainment mecca like HK does not have a jazz scene. His many mega audiophile friends in HK who have been to jazz clubs all over the world also concur that HK is a cultural desert. In fact, this bunch of mega audiophiles told him that they find Malaysia's No Black Tie to be among the world's best. It is definitely something to be proud of. Many don't even know that we have the best drummer (Lewis Pragasam), best bassist (Andy Peterson), best percussionist (Steve Thornton), best music director (Mac Chew), best music arranger (Mac Chew, Salvador Guerzo, Aubrey Suwito) in the region. But then again, how many local audiophiles bother about local music?

Maggielurva's drive to revolutionize the local music scene and bring forth local talents is highly commendable. But Malaysians have a tendency to look down on local talents until they get fame in/from overseas. We are Malaysians what. If Zee Avi were to sign under a local label and not Jack Johnson's Brushfire, she wouldn't have gone anywhere far.

Anyway, here's two interesting activities organized by Pop Pop Music next week: both happen in Loud+Clear record shop in Solaris Dutamas. Admission is free. You have to call Caffee Wong at 012-3698169 to let her you are coming!

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