February 19, 2011

Sweeter The Second Time Round. Torus Power RM8 AVR.

Torus vs Torus! My original RM8A sitting on top of the RM8 AVR, my new found sweetie! No struggle this time for sure.

I highly praised the Torus RM8 AVR last year when I reviewed it. Many wondered why I didn't make the "not so significant" jump? That's right folks, while I like many advantages of it's sonic virtues over my resident RM8A(non AVR model), the differences just wasn't compelling enough for me to dosh out my cash for the small sonic up grade. I dutifully returned the unit to AV Designs soon after the review period.

But what has changed? TNB's erratic power supply came in to play again. I constantly monitor my in coming voltage every time I turn on my music. I guess it's a silly and some what neurotic obsession of mine? During the time when I reviewed the Torus Power RM8 AVR, the in coming voltage to my place was relatively stable. And during those 18 months or so when I had the non AVR Torus Power, the in coming voltage from the wall remained stable between 232V and 253V band width. That meant having the Torus Power RM8 AVR during the review period sometime in April/May 2010 showed only small, insignificant sonic improvements.

The recent re-development and up market property project expansion near my area has resulted in the voltage surge by the month of September 2010. My home appliances were breaking down at an alarming rate, washing machine, DVD player(another one died?), AV receiver and light bulbs just went buzz........ed! I went in to serious voltage monitoring mode again, while the lower end still tracked 232V, the upper end reach 268V! Especially at nights when I am in the mood for some musical therapy.

I tend to notice that the sound of my hifi system tend to take on a more strident, harsher mid range tone, highs become more granulated and sticky. White haze and electronic glare would become evident in the music back ground. For two months, I was enduring the sonic nightmare, while monitoring the in coming voltage, while silently hoping things would go back to the way the were. By December 2010, it seems the in coming voltage would continue to swing towards the higher end of the monitored band width.

By January 2011, I couldn't take it anymore. I asked for the Torus Power RM8 AVR to be returned to me again, which James gladly did so. From the moment the AVR-ed Torus was plugged in, I was treated to sonic bliss all over again. Only this time, the sonic improvements were markedly more than I last remembered it to be! Why, I am not sure but I can probably say that the power supply to my area is worst now, compared to when I last tested the unit. That's why I can report much more sonic advantages this time round.

I won't bore you all again with all the sonic and sound description of what the AVR brought, which has been discussed in the review article last year. All I can say is that every sonic benefit that was stated there, is now at least twice more powerful than before. Yeah! Yeah! Rolls your eyes, that Big E is talking crap again! I know, I know!

This just proved again, the improvements that a Power Line Conditioner(PLC) brings to the system in use does depends very much on the quality of the in coming voltage supply. If one is lucky enough to have relatively stable power supply, than the use of an AVR will not bring much difference. However, my recent experience does indeed suggest that AVR is a necessity, if one's in coming voltage is highly un stable. For sound and protection benefits, the regulated pleasure of the Torus Power RM8 AVR is really sweeter the second time round!

And this time it's certainly not going back to AV Designs.

Torus Power is sold by AV Designs, contact James or Tony at 03-21712828.