May 27, 2011

Adam Classic MK III Speakers, Now On Demo In Ultimate Reference.

Adam Classic MK III Black Pencil speaker.

The Adam Classic MK III speaker is now on demo in the brand Ultimate Reference showroom located in PJ. This fine Adam speaker is demo-ed with SAT(Swedish Audio Technology) power amp and Vitus CD player as source.

The system proved highly resolving and refined with excellent dynamic response. I had an enjoy able time sampling the demo system today.
Entreq power cords from Sweden.

Also new to Malaysian soil is the latest Swedish Statement brand of Entreq powercords, which claims to be more of an energy transforming equipment. We have review samples in hand and shall be putting them to the test!

By the way while you're there do check out their impressive AV installs too!

Do call for a visit appointment by contacting Ms Goh, at 03-77314999 before making your way there.

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