July 4, 2011

The Official Word From Asia Sound Equipment.

Asia Sound Equipment, NOT CLOSING DOWN!
When Asia Sound Equipment in Amcorp Mall announced their warehouse sales last month, a few concerned folks called me to ask "if they're closing shop?". I had to do the next most logical thing, get a clarification over the matter.

Eddie Tan, the Manager in charge of Asia Sound's Malaysian operations clarifies. He confirms that the Adelphi showroom in Singapore has been closed, but the Malaysian part of the business will continue as a separate entity. "Our showroom in Amcorp Mall and office in Shamelin Perkasa will operate as usual", he says. Eddie also confirms that they have lost Rotel, JM Lab, AKG and Paradigm brands recently, which resulted in the warehouse sale to clear all existing stocks. "It's just part of the usual hifi business cycle, brands come and go!" he said.

Eddie says "Not if I am still around!"
Eddie says new brands are on the horizon and will be introduced soon, however at this point he'd rather not discuss them yet. "All will be made known", he said. Eddie then took the opportunity to announce Asia Sound Equipment's up and coming, soon to be completed 4 storey flagship store and showroom, located in Jalan Pasar, Kuala Lumpur.

So Asia Sound Equipment is not closing down, but as Eddie rather put it "It's exciting times ahead!"

Eddie also wishes to thank all customers who supported generously and helped him to clear his stocks.

A side note to my buddy who is reading, that showroom pair of JM Lab Utopia Skala has been cleared too! Too late and too bad(he's been eyeing the pair for a while now). Ha! Ha!

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