August 24, 2011

A Great Chinese Jazz Album

Lynn Lee "Jazz Light Year" sampler (click to play)

We witnessed her great performance at the recent "The Jazzy Sounds of Teresa Teng" musical showcase and now her debut solo album is available, exclusively licensed to local audiophile label Pop Pop Music!

Lynn Lee is a veteran musician, backing vocalist, singer-songwriter in Taiwan. She has worked with almost anyone, the who's who in the Taiwan's pop industry.

Her experience in vocals is shown gloriously in this album. Lynn's tone is nothing to shout about but her singing and improvisation skills is great. She flirts, teases and plays with her voice to great effect. We can't think of a more "playful" Jazz vocalist.

The album covers a couple of Bai Guang and Teresa Teng classics, played in Bossa Nova styles. The most outstanding track is Lynn's duet with her daughter (17 year-old Peace Loh) in the 2nd track, "May Flower". It is a great song with mother and mum singing in perfect harmony!

The recording is only so-so. Knowing Leslie Loh, we guess he doesn't give two hood about recording if the music is good. The fact that he licensed it exclusively for Malaysia shows that he is confident that it will do well with his legion of supporters.

It is very rare we get good Chinese Jazz albums, it is exciting to see them coming to Malaysian shore under a strong label! Support!

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