January 23, 2012

Best Power Line Gear 2011.

These were the few power line conditioners we managed to lay our hands on in 2011. While I had tested the Torus Power RM8A AVR sometime in 2010, I didn't felt that the improvements in sonic qualities to be tangible enough for me to up grade. However something changed in the power supply grid in my area since and the Torus made a comeback!

Torus Power RM8A AVR is the best all in one power solution for me.

Torus Power RM8A AVR.

It's the ultimate all in one box power supply solution, for people residing in areas where their power supply lines are not only soiled with EMI/RFI interference, but also huge voltage swings. While EMI/RFI interference is generally agreed by consensus to degrade sound quality of a given hifi system, voltage swings can shortened lifespan of all electronics. Personally, I do feel that it's a factor that does effect a given system's sonic signature too. Too low a supply voltage(below230V)  and the sound gets all mushy, lethargic, and a general lack of drive in the music. Too high the supply voltage(above 250V) and the sounds turns harsh, with tizzy highs and vocals sing like as if they're screaming at you! Usually accompanied with a strong, dense white hash in the quiet musical passages, which mask away low level details. I am a happy Torus Power user, enuff said.

Runimg Springs Audio Duke is design exclusively for power amps!

Running Springs Audio Duke.

This is a passive power filtration designed to restore transient and dynamics losses in a given system, by working on the power amps. With the RSA Duke in Odoislueth's system, the musical canvas achieved a jet black state of nothingness and we felt that perhaps that contributed to faster transient response and stronger dynamic swings. It just made orchestral crescendos peaked just that much higher, and rock music rendered more energetic. However, the Duke's additional qualities did not take away the suppleness, sweetness and organic qualities that were already part of Odiosleuth's system vocabulary. Here's a no compromise approach to passive power conditioning.

Shunyata Hydra V-Ray II is an improvement in passive power filtration of past versions.

Shunyata Hydra V-Ray II.

Odiosleuth has been a Shunyata fan for a few years now. With each update, we felt Shunyata is moving away from the warm, cuddly effects introduced by the use of their PLC equipment in a given system. With the latest Hydra V-Ray II, the move to neutral sonic grounds is complete. While I felt the move is in line with current high end standards, some may miss the older style Hydra sound characteristics. By the way, the new generation Shunyata Hydra Triton series is now here, and we hope to try them out pretty soon.

I can't think of any other PLC products to mention here. Next, we look at some Best Cables 2011.

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