January 5, 2012

Experience XTZ At Living Audio!

Living Audio, home to XTZ.

A new hifi retailer, Living Audio has quietly opened it's doors in Lot 1-017A, 1st, Floor, Endah Parade, 1, Jalan 1/147E, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. This new player introduces a new, high performance hifi brand from Sweden called XTZ. The Hifi-Unlimited team went to survey the new components and came to the conclusion that XTZ offers tremendous value for money vs hifi performance proposition. 
The main demo rig, with a full cast of XTZ components. Note the subtle room tuning devices in the back ground and floor. 

We listened to the main demo rig, with a full cast of XTZ components, starting with a CD100 CD player, an A100 D3 integrated amp, and a pair of 99.36 floor stand speakers, all linked together via Furutech cables, set up by the enthusiastic, young entrepreneur named Ean Soong. The demo area has being extensively treated with lots of vibrational control and resonance tuning devices.

The system produced an exceptionally open, transparent sound most familiar with Bladelius(a truly high end Swedish marque). Tonal balance was strictly neutral, but on some recordings, it could sound just a tad "cool", tough not exactly clinical either. Highs were extended and refined, as expect from a ribbon tweeter equipped speaker design. Mids are natural and highly focused with just a hint of sibilance if the recording shows. Bass is tight, deep and tuneful for a speaker of smallish size.

The system maintained great pacing and dynamics on orchestral recordings, with lots of ambient cues. It's a great system at any price, but guess what? This string of XTZ components cost only RM$16k or so!!! It's a sonic bargain, which ever way one looks at it. Do audition them, even if you are prepared to spend twice the money on a new hifi system!
The XTZ CD100 CD player(top shelf) and A100 D3 integrated amp(lower shelf), which can be switched to run on class A mode, out putting 50W per chanel.

XTZ 99.36 speaker in piano black finish, which makes it a nightmare to photograph! This speaker is very tune able to suit any room and component matching. It's got jumpers in the rear panel on the speaker cable binding post to tune for high/mid/low frequency output select able. I was also surprised that it used SEAS mid range and bass drivers for such an affordable product!!!

For those who are on a tight budget, but still wanna enjoy the joys of hifi dom, Ean caters by stocking a list pre-owned audio components. Living Audio also deals with cables and accessories from Furutech and Telos. For those seeking high performance value in high end audio, this is THE place to be!
A proud Ean, at your service! Do call him before you make your way to Endah Parade as he is a one man show to keep operating cost low, which allows him to pass some savings to you, the customer. He tells me that this is another XTZ brand requirement, which is to keep the lowest retail cost possible for customer's added value in sound quality!

For demo appointments, please call Ean Soong at 019-5710383.

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