June 23, 2012

New Raidho S2.0 on demo at Centre Circle Audio

Another Raidho beauty arrives at Centre Circle Audio. This one is the new S2.0 model from the 'S' series (the other two are the 'C' and the 'X'). It has the tall, slim, elgant look common to the brand, a look that will look gracious in any home.  

The speaker box is finished in beautiful piano black, rather than the common rectangular box it is rounded at the back.

The tweeter is a ribbon type, and the 2 mid/woofers are ceramic. Frequnecy response is 27Hz-5-kHz, with 90db 2.83V/m sensitivity, and impedance of >6 ohm.

The curved base of the speaker hides a surprise, the speaker has a transmission line that exits at a port under the base.

The list price for the Raidho S2.0 is RM30,000 / pair.

Contact Nelson or Sky at Centre Circle Audio 03-77282686 for an audition.

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