July 20, 2012

A Sneak Peek! KLIAV 2012.

It's nearly 5pm as I arrived ground zero for KLIAV 2012. Quite a few demo rooms were ready to rock & roll, but some prefer to remain a surprise, others have gladly allowed me to have a quick taste of things to come tomorrow.

Here's a few things that you can expect to see at the KLIAV 2012!
Maxx Audio is possibly a top contender for the budget hifi stakes this year, demoing the Triangle Color book shelf with matching stands powered simply by Exposure electronics! 

Jo Ki of LS3/5A fame couldn't resist the temptation of showing off the latest 24/384 and DSD hi-rez files played back via a Mac book using Playback Designs MPS-5 as the DAC and of course feeding thru his FM powered system to the.......

Yes!, you've guess right, the LS3/5A BBC monitor, of course.

A last minute surprise at the KLIAV 2012 courtesy of Absolute AV Gallery, the multi award winning Volent Chorale CL-2(right) and big brother CL-3(left). I hope they'll be making sounds by tomorrow, when the show starts! 

XTZ Devine flagship speakers on demo with.......

All XTZ electronics, and they're cool!

The smug looking fella from CMY completed his demo and the all Audiolab electronics and Mission speakers proves to be a successful time tested marriage

CMY Audio & Visual is the new distributor for Audiolab and Mission, starting July 2012.

Swedish Statement shows off the Bladelius Beowolf mono blocks and Marten Designs latest D'jango speakers in black and silver finish. 

This outer space object like turn table called Sperling is from Germany, seen here under going the chrome polishing to give it the show shine!

A surprising item at the Swedish Statement room, the Aurender S10 Digital Media Player. I hope it's not as static display as it seems?

AV Designs demoing the latest Bryston BHA-1 head phone amp, a discreet class A design. Can fans, rejoice!

Flagship AV is showing the JBL speakers in full force!

Including the flagship JBL Everest 66000 speakers, powered by Theta electronics.

The very beautiful Sonus Faber Aida, powered by top dog ARC tube electronics. I hope they sound as gorgeous as they look?

Looks like no sleep for this guys tonite!

And these guys too!

The main foyer at the 4th floor area undergoing preparations as I left by 9pm.

Lastly, do remember the early birds gets the free limited edition KLIAV 2012 commemorative CD, with ticket purchase. Believe me, it's worth much, much more than the entry price of the show.

See ya all in the morning!

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