July 25, 2012

KLIAV 2012 Show Report, Part III.

Continuing our tour of duty at the KLIAV 2012.
Acoustic Arts had the flagship Epos Encore 50 mated with BAT tube amps to produce a beguiling and dynamic sound. Source is a Creek Windsor turntable.

The "budget Acoustic Arts room never disappoints as usual, with the tiny Epos Epic 1 throwing a huge holographic sound staging, helped by Creek electronics.

AVP Soundcraft showcases the German Physik Limited LE speakers with Sim Audio electronics, it's an explosive combo for sure!

Mellow sounds with a "golden" tone best describes this Verity Parsifal speakers with Nagra tube electronics.

More Sim Audio but only with Canton speakers this time!

Audio Note had these Volent Chorale CL-3(left) and CL-2(right) on static display, which was a bummer.

The Avantgarde Acoustics Duo horns were loud!!!

Powered by Avantgarde XA series pre & power combo, with the latest Wilson Benesch Circle turn table.

Many show goers called this their favorite show system, consisting of Triangle Genese' Quartet speakers and BFA integrated amp & DAC combo, source from a low rent DVD player!

CMY Audi & Visual's Pro-Ac K6 speakers were impressive.......

Especially when feed simply by Naim integrated amp and NDX digital media player.

Living Audio show off the flagship XTZ Devine speakers, which were sold on the first day of the show!..... 

Powered by all XTZ electronics!

Maxx Audio had this simple system on demo, which consist of Triangle Color speakers, and Exposure electronics, I felt it even eclipse the higher end Triangle Genese' Trio speakers(not shown) with Odyssey amps, which was also on demo. 

Audio Perfectionist, gave an improved demo this year with biggest daddy Focal Grand Utopia EM and state of the art McIntosh electronics.

AV Designs focused on the PMC Twenty series speakers this year.....

With the Twenty-24 taking center stage, on their multi chanel AV and stereo demo, partnered with Bryston electronics. While the audio part sounds familiar to me, the visual aspect was the stuff of dreams.

Swedish Statement/Audiomatic demo-ed a junior system consisting of Marten D'Jango speakers, Vitus Reference series amps and Aurender S10 digital media player coupled to the Bladelius Embla doing DAC duties. Unfortunately, I did not hear them sing.  

The big rig consist of Marten Bird MKII, making it's world wide show debut and Vitus Signature series electronics with Sperling turntable, it's a candidate for "Best Sound Of KLIAV 2012 Show"

Perfect Hi-Fi had probably the "most expensive" system on display. The Sonus Faber Aida speakers alone costing more a cool RM$500k on their own, powered by ARC Reference electronics.

CMY Audio & Visual went static this year, seen here with QED cables, and.........

Audiolab electronics with Mission speakers doing multi chanel AV demo. 

Do hang around for the final part of our KLIAV 2012 show tour next.

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