July 23, 2012

KLIAV 2012 Show Report Part I.

This year's KLIAV threw a few surprises and much same ol', same ol' displays. While we predominantly focus on the audio aspect of the show, there were some video novelty worth mentioning here.

I also found on the whole, the standards of demo set up has been on the rise, albeit a slow one over the years. What I found particularly annoying this year is that most rooms were playing music way too loud, perhaps trying to drown out the other rooms nearby, all playing equally loud! Some were playing much louder than others, but this kiasu attitude does not help any one at all! I think exhibitors should employ a courtesy thy neighbourly attitude for next year's show.

Any way, without further adieu, here's part I of my KLIAV 2012 show report:
Other than a big 3D projector, Panasonic showcased this parabolic projection system, seen here playing Avatar. 

Sharp turned the LCD/LED panels in to a modern white board, which one can load images, write on to and print from it. Truly versatile!

Wo Kee Hong presented the entire Chord Company cable range.

Also making it debut is the matching Rogers 65th Anniversary bass extender, to match the BBC inspired loud speaker that celebrated the occasion of the LS3/5A.

Tangent is new audio brand presented by Intratel, which looks like great value budget equipment. 

TAD presented the TSM-2201-LR pro monitor, in 7.1 chanel AV duties.

Genesis speakers and Viola amps(designed by Mark Levinson), demo-ed by Ocean Way Audio. Source is pro HDD player brought along by........

Todd Garfinkel of MA Recordings. Believe me, this is one eccentric fella.

Rave Systems demo-ed the latest Wilson Benesch Vector speakers with Gryphon Diablo amp, and sourced by Weiss MAN301 Media Player and Medea+ DAC 

Many liked this CCA demo a lot, consisting of HiVi Swans M808 speakers, Parasound amps with source being Pathos Endorphin CD player and VPI Classic turn table.

Sine power contacts were in the CCA dem o room too, of interest is the Cryo treated ELCB for audiophile electrical systems!

Jaben was busy with folks testing latest cans.

Mario Binner(again?) personally demo the all entry level Audio Note system, the sound was just as musical. My buddy said his buying the speakers! Another One Bites The Dust!

Odiosleuth was seen enjoying these Audio Engine iPod docking speakers.

KEF's latest Uni Q driver on display.

The KEF Blade was nice, but the LS50, costing less than RM$5k, offers a whole more than just a taste of them!

Perfect Hi-Fi also demo-ed a Linn Akurate system, very smooth.

DIY kits featured in the Classic Musical Corner.

More DIY kits and tweaks at Classic Musical Corner.

Rethm & Inakustik forms an interesting partnership!

Rethm Gaanam 2 pc SET integrated amp.

This box forms part of the In-akustik speaker cable!

Seen here is the In-akustik speaker cable connecting to the amp side.

Mistral B&, oops.... should be BOW 801, 802 & 803 speakers, powered by....

LA Audio amplifier and CD player, presented by Ban Leong Bros.

Cayin Spark tube amp powers......

Monitor Audio speakers, another Ban Leong Bros demo.

Single driver speakers are truly alive and well, presented by YSnature, note the Chinese tea cups used for isolation. 

Another look at this interesting tweak option. Any one game to try this at home?

Audio Perfectionist does the McIntosh driving Opera speakers demo.

McIntosh going green? Yeah, Phua Chu Kang style!

That's all for now, more to be continued on Part II.

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