September 3, 2009

Toscho, Back By Popular Demand.

A taste of German Blues!

I did a double take when I first heard this CD. Here's a German fella doing the Blues!, and I have to say his pretty good at it too. Toscho was previously the lead man of Blues Company, which I think most of us have heard before on track 2, Red Blood in the TAG McLaren Test Tracks CD.
Toscho was previously featured here in track 2, Red Blood, as the lead man of Blues Company.

On his own solo album, which I think he did pretty well, despite a few misses here and there. My favorite tunes on the CD include:

Track 1, A Place To Rest.
Track 2, Channel No.5.
Track 3, Back by Popular Demand.
Track 8, Love Her With A Feeling.
Track 11, Tappin' My Feet.

I was first hooked on track 2, Channel No.5, which I find so romantically bluesy. Can't get that tune outta my head. It just sticks!

Though his German style of Blues is somewhat diferent, if you listen with an open mind, I am sure you'll find something to like here.

Coming from Inakustik, a German Audiophile recording company, the sound quality is pretty good indeed, well at least no complains from me!

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