September 8, 2009

What Say You?

When I wrote about the Siltech Classic Anniversary and JPS Labs loudspeaker cables on 28/8, I basically also said that an upgrade was due for me. (Click here:

I have since made my decision on which loudspeaker cables to go for. But let me delay the news for a few days. Let's listen to you, readers of this blog, as to which cables I would buy - the Siltech Classic Anniversary 550L or the JPS Labs Superconductor 3, both in similar price range. So, here is the first reader survey of Hifi-Unlimited. On the right hand side panel, you can find a survey panel to put in your opinion.

It is my belief that cable selection is a matter of personal preference, some look for utter neutrality, some look for certain 'flavour' to fine tune their systems' sound. So the question I am asking is that based on your knowledge from what you could have gleamed from my writings and my system, which cable I would have gone for.

I would like to emphasize though that this is not a survey of which is the better cable, but on my personal cable preference.

Hehe, sorry also to say the survey result would not affect my decision, because I have paid for the cables of my choice and they are now sitting in my room running in. But let's play a little lighthearted game and see whether you'd have made the same choice for my system.

The survey will close 9:00am on this coming Sunday 13/9/09 Malaysian time. My answer will come out on the same day too.

No prize will be given out for getting it right though. :-)


Sze Ern said...


From your writings on the Siltech, it sounded like a love letter.

What is music if not for the emotions? :)

mikelau.2 said...


I have given my vote based on 3 accounts. Am waiting for the day you reveal your choice.

PuchongWong said...


I'll always stand at your side.

mikelau.2 said...


Wah.."I'll always stand at your side". Hmmmm, that's serious business man.
OS, I did not know you have a tonto. heee..horrr

OdioSleuth said...

Sze Ern,
Agree with you totally that music is about the emotions!

You mean my choice was already leaked to you? :-)

No, PW is no man's sidekick, he "stand at my side", glancing over on what I write, and impart his sarcasm or wit, as the case may be (but never praise lah) :-)