October 12, 2009

http://hifi4sale.fullboards.com 2nd Gathering, Hosted By Hi-Way Laser.

Some of the friendly folks we met at the hifi4sale gathering. One for the album? Sorry guys, I lied, it's one for the blog! He!He!
The hifi4sale(in Malaysia) see our links, is a popular local web based hifi and AV forum boards for buying and selling pre-owned audio and AV related gear and software. The forum boards also includes discussion rooms for various topics.

They had successfully organised a maiden gathering earlier this year, which I did not attend due to work commitments. This time, both Odiosleuth and my self went to check out the event along with a few friends, and mingled with some of the participants of our like minded hobby.

Comparing the CD player with a physical CD, vs Logitech Squeeze Box, Cambridge Audio or Ayre DAC?

We managed to catch the forum administrator demo-ing various ways of hi-rez digital music streaming via some delicious looking Apple lap top and various auxiliary equipments like the Logitech Squeeze Box, Cambridge plus Ayre DACs in to a Krell Evolution Pre/Power set up powering a pair of ATC SCM50.

The demo system in Hi-Way Laser's premier demo room.

All those techno speak proved too much for this industrial aged fossil to further comprehend and we ended up chatting over a cuppa in a cafe nearby with some friends.

It was nice to meet a few more like minded enthusiast whom have taken their time to attend the gathering.


Hi-Fi 4 Sale said...


On behalf of Hi-Fi 4 Sale, thanks for the coverage. Here's hoping we all had a good time sharing experiences as we are all on a journey to better sound and convenience.

FYI, the new address for Hi-Fi 4 Sale is: www.hifi4sale.net


Big E said...

A good time? No, we had a great time!

Thanks for organising the gathering.

Hi-Way Laser Electronics said...

Speaker was ATC SCM50, not SCM40 :)

Big E said...

Hi-Way Laser,

Welcome to our blog. Thanks for pointing out my error and I have made neccesary corrections.

Once again, thank you for hosting the gathering.