October 15, 2009

Middle Kingdom In Amcorp Mall. Audio Synthesis Make Over.

The main shop front entrance to Audio Synthesis.

If one is a fan of China made hifi or just wanna get some budget gear, the person will surely know this Middle Kingdom shop at Amcorp Mall called Audio Synthesis, located on the 2nd Floor. Helm ed by the very friendly and ever smiling Simon, it's a place one can feel comfortable to hang out in.

The display area for window shoppers! Now, does that hifi rack on the left look familiar???

Simon recently expanded his shop by an additional lot. This allows him to have a bigger and more comfortable, acoustically treated main demo area. The smaller demo area in the existing lot is now used to demo smaller systems.

The main demo area, don't those Chinese B&Ws look ever so familiar?

With launching the latest China high end brand called Be One Audio, a.k.a. Chinese McIntosh amps and Be One Audio speakers, a.k.a. Chinese B&W! Not too long ago it was Jungson, a.k.a. Chinese Krell, that Simon was selling. These Chinese companies un ashamedly taking on other's brand identity with no idea or little understanding on what it takes to build a brand, they can own for long term success.

Be One Audio mono block power amps on the right. Too bad they weren't powered up, other wise, you'd realised why they're called Chinese McIntosh!

Original flagship CD Player on the left, Shanling flagship CD/SACD on the left. The Original does sound rather impressive for the $$$. For those whom do not know, Original is a CD player specialist brand, from China of course.

Another look at the Shanling. At the bottom is a costumed finished sand box for isolation.

Audio Synthesis also stocks some of the more respectable Chinese brands like Shanling, Cayin Spark, Aurum Cantus speakers, Meixing and Audio Vega, the last two being tube amp specialist. Simon also stocks some Ho's LS3/5A version speakers and various other hifi starter kits

Ho's LS3/5A on top and another similar sized speaker for comparison.

Original CD player, Audiolab pre/power amps.

Some of the accessories selection.

For me, the best part of the shop is quite possibly the accessories section, where various Chinese brands like Yarbo, Bada and Snake King are available at very reasonable cost. All kinds of connectors, spades, bananas, speaker/amp heat shrinkable sleeves, IEC, RCA and XLR plugs are all available. Great place for an audio cable DIY-er.
One can also find various old model Shure, Denon and Akai cartridges, and bits and pieces of tone arm head shell for turntables. China made tubes are also available here.

Audio cable DIY-er's candy shop! All kinds of terminations and connectors available here! A wide range of isolation spikes, cones and floor coasters also sold here.

Power supply choices.

Simon also stock some pretty impressive looking, yet high affordable power cords and receptacles, all Chinese made of course! There's also a selection of affordable used/pre-owned gear that Simon sells on behalf of his clients, on consignment of course.

Some of the used gear selection available.

Simon also recently started stocking acoustic panels, which can be costumed finished to match one's home decor. He also sell the latest audiophile furniture craze called Guizu wood hifi rack! The FE spider clone racks are also available here in various guises.

A costumed finished acoustic panel awaiting collection for a customer wanting to match his home decor.

Aurum Cantus flagship speakers.

Lastly, Simon also offers repair services, particularly an expert on older Marantz gear and Philips based CD players.

Guizu wood audio rack, much sought after apparently because they sound good!

If in Amcorp Mall, and wanna have a feel of the middle kingdom hifi and sound, do drop by and pay Simon a visit.
Audio Synthesis contact, tel:012-3203380


WiKin said...

Do take a word of precaution; from my humble experience with Simon, he is not your typical CMY or A&L type of down to earth dealer. I'd wish him all the best cos' he drove me away from his shop.

David said...

I've known Simon for 6 years now and have always had pleasant transactions with him. In fact most of my best Hifi deals are from Simon. Never seen him rude or unwelcoming before. Sometimes I've seen walk in customers make disperaging remarks about his products but he takes it in stride and is always tactful in his response.

Well, to each his own.

Ken Lee said...

This shop so called "Middle Kingdom" is a very pleasant gentleman to deal with, I had quite a few transaction with him, always very helpful and give lots of advice.

Foxtrot said...

As a Sdn Bhd setup, has lots of tact and PR skillsets which other establish shops lack.

Does not differentiate clientele as well.

Shy's away from providing demos.

mbfcolph said...

you have to be careful with Simon Liew as I have few friends purchase & repair from him. they was told he change the part instead he just repair it but charge new parts. but if the machine is not working, he won't responsible. those amplifier that sell in his shop is definitely made in china,but he will put a very high price. need to be careful. the owner is very harsh. he will also backstab others hi fi dealer especially in amcorp mall dealers. as a smart consumer, hope this thing won't happen again & nobody will get cheated.

Jeffrey said...

contrary to some negative comments here about Simon, i had a very pleasing experience buying from him. was to test the cheapest tube amp he had in his shop (as my first tube amp). reached there but he just left (closed for the day). went there again the next day, he purposely extended his operating hours to ensure i'll be able to test it. bought the amp at good discount, and will probably be get good discounts if i do decide to get speakers or cd player from him.

my amp gave way after 4 days, possibly due to my old Tannoy speakers short-circuiting, not sure where. he fixed the amp for me, and even loaned me cables to test with the Tannoys (since i was using very very old cables).

while at his shop, i witnessed first hand a caucasian who entered the shop looking for some professional grade cable connector/extender (not too sure what he wanted as his explanation on his requirement was vague). the caucasian wasn't too polite, but as David said, Simon takes it in his stride.

overall, i'd say he is very friendly, patient and nice to deal with. he even allows me to test my cd with various cd players, and different speakers.

consumer said...

i think wikin and mbfcolph a bit too soft on this simon guy already, he's your typical "gee bye" guy for my standard (i usually have very high tolerance kinda guy) but this simon guy when i say he's a "gee bye" then he's a 1st class "gee bye". got into his shop talked to him nicely, kinda shoe string budget(i havent allocate a huge budget for my hifi setup since a novice), then hey presto, the whole face change, asked him nicely to try on some speaker and cdp(and my cds as well), the reaction was like i killed his dog, saying what do i know(i didnt deny that), saying would laugh at ppl like me, as a sales person is to close my sales by answering my question to assist me to make my decision. mind you, not that i wanna boast or show off,in my line of job, i'm a consultant and my clients are usually companies frm fortune 500 background, so i chose my words carefully during conversation, if that has instigate this simon guy, then he's really a diff lvl person for me already. Come on what kinda of guy sells mostly only chinese B&W, McIntosh looks a like (knock off) product