October 1, 2009

October Options.

A dear friend sent me this! Thanks man, you know who you are.

For October, we have quite a few stuff stacked up for reviews covering a wide range of audio products.

More Ayre? Yes, if you thought we were impressed by the Ayre CX-7eMP CD player last month, wait till you hear what Odiosleuth have to say about it's bigger battle ship like built quality brother, the C-5exMP Multi Player! I hear that he is experiencing "Sleepless in Bandar Utama" since? He!He!(I do my cheeky laugh!)

I have been dreaming about the Bladelius Saga pre amp since I last heard it in my system, I certainly could not afford it with my legitimate only income! So I asked Eugene of Audiomatic, "how about the next model down, the Bladelius Idun?" And here it was playing in my room. Is it very nearly as good as the Saga? Hang around to find out.

More Stello? Yes to that too, we haven't forgotten our pledge to review at least one affordable audio product each month. If you want a neat all in one lifestyle based hifi system to match with speakers of your choice, let's see if the Stello Aura Note is good enough to satisfy us?

Siltech's back too, in the form of the ST-18 budget interconnects. We test the XLR version to see if it's a real hifi bargain, and how far it's performance can be improved with the addition of the Siltech Jade Zero Ohm Link?

Last but not least, we've got Acoustic System Resonator Cups on trial too, but with a twist!

It's gonna be a busy month!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

for a moment, i thought i accidentally stumbled into gutter post blogspot!

yes, i want more! ;-)

Big E said...


No, not that one, but the pics are sourced from the good, clean and heatlthy Sports Illustrated! Just in case you didn't noticed.

But seriously, why not? I want more too.