October 2, 2009

That Ol' Devil Called Love.

It's not me, it's that fella!

Do you recall the song of the above tittle? Many singers have done a cover of it, one way or another. I first heard Allison Moyet's version back in the eighties and still have the LP that I bought then. So what's a song gotta do with hifi?

Lately, my friends have started calling me the "Devil" as everyone near, or come in to close enough contact with me, has been spending more and more money buying or upgrading their hifi system.

I must deny at all cost that "it's not me", well at least very little of it is me. I guess it's the Devil, that little voice in our head, doing it's work?

However perhaps, truth is when a hifi equipment sounds so right, so beautiful, our love for good sound make us wanna own that experience. Yes, I think at the end of the day, we do know if something sounds good, it touches our emotions, makes us listen to music with our ears, but feel it in our hearts.

You see, it's "That Ol Devil Called Love" at work here, not me. So please don't credit me again when you next go out and buy a hifi equipment! He!He!

However, if you do go out and buy something, make sure it plays you music, not sound, for hifi is made to glorify the finest music recorded.

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