October 29, 2009

Wadia Digital Moves To CMY Audio & Visual.

Wadia 170 i Transport Dock for Apple i Pod users whom wanna connect to hifi.

Wadia Digital, one of the leaders in the field of digital music source, has confirmed it's move to CMY Audio & Visual in Malaysia. This is a very positive development for the brand representation in the local context as we can now, touch, feel and most importantly, listen to the products before committing to a purchase. No doubt, I am quite certain most will find no cause to resist, after a test drive! He!He!

The new Wadia 381 CD player. Looks like the previous models doesn't it? The inside is aparently a plenty that is new!

Two products are scheduled to appear on CMY store shelves in the later part of November, says John. They are the highly anticipated Wadia 170 i Transport dock for Apple i Pod owners looking to hook up with hi fidelity. More importantly for us in this blog the new Wadia 38i CD player, which we hope to get for a test drive when it comes.

Congrats to John and his team at CMY Audio & Visual for landing another top brand!
For enquiries, contact John, tel:03-21439206

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