November 27, 2009

Audio Physic Cardeas Arrives. Only At Audio Image.

Audio Physic Cardeas. The real deal looks a whole lot more stunning than this picture suggest.

Audio Physic recently replaced the Caldera model with the Cardeas for their 2010 line up. Until the arrival of the Kronos replacement which has also been recently discontinued, the Cardeas will temporarily hold the flag ship status for now, if that sort of thing is important to you. This is probably the most quietly anticipated speaker arrival for any Audio Physic fan, like me. When I saw it in the flesh yesterday at Audio Image, I was awed by it's build quality. As Adrian had just un-boxed the speaker the previous day, it was still in the burning in process. However, the sound quality was already showing lots of potential to be unleashed.

This is a high tech speaker, with many attention to detail built in for great sound tuning. First, the front baffle is all aluminium, in keeping with today's modern high end speaker design trend. The wooden body is typical in Audio Physic shaped, by being slim fronted, side firing 10 inch woofers and a rounded rump with isolated speaker binding post. The special part is the way the drivers are mounted. From casual observation, it would seem similar to the Magico V2(also on demo now in Audio Image!), however, upon closer inspection, all drivers are suspended mount, sandwiched between the front baffle and an internal structure. This feature keeps the HHCT tweeter and HHCM mid range drivers totally isolated, from unwanted boxy sonic colouration's.

Please call Adrian, at Audio Image, tel no. 03-79563077 for an audition appointment.

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