November 18, 2009

CEC Now In Music By Design.

The new CEC AMP53 is an integrated amp and has 2 balanced input, which is really useful if you've more than one source.
A long time favourite amongst audiophiles, are those belt driven CEC CD players. They are now in Music By Design, located in 1st Floor, Block J, Jaya One commercial building in Petaling Jaya.
The latest top loading CEC TL53 Z CD player, like the AMP 53, it is shoe box sized.
On demo now are the latest products like TL53 CD player and AMP 53 set. They are obviously design with each other in mind as a set, but are sold separately. The design is typical shoe box sized(remember those Mission Cyrus amps)?, but they projected big, warm and smooth sound at the showroom, when partnered with Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand speakers.
Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand speakers, a great companion to the CEC pair above. Do check the full range of Vienna Acoustics at Music By Design, they are absolutely gorgeously built.
You can also check out the latest CEC TL 51XR CD player which is highly affordable too.

The "ever green" CEC TL51, in it's latest XR guise.
Do call Simon Choy, at 03-79541882 for an appointment to avoid disappointment.

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