November 15, 2009

ModWright Arrives At Centre Circle Audio

Centre Circle Audio has acquired the agency for ModWright Instruments' line of electronics.

ModWright, founded in 2000, started life as popular and reputable modifier for a number of digital players. As time goes, it has built up a line of amplification products too, consisting of preamps, power amps and a phono stage.

Their first batch of products, consisting of a pre-power amp combo, has arrived at Centre Circle Audio and are ready for audition.
The LS36.5 is a tube linestage (2 6H30 Russian Super Tubes and 1 5AR4 rectifier) and comes with a host of features and conveniences including XLR inputs and outputs, remote control, home theatre bypass and a phase switch. It can be upgraded further with an external dual-mono power supply, also tubed, called the PS36.5. The LS36.5 comes in at 27lbs (12kg).
The KWA150 power amp is a purely solid state affair, but ModWright says that it combines both the virtues of tube and solid state products, The KWA150 gives out 150w @8ohms, 250w @4ohms - and wait for this - it can be bridged for 450w @8ohms and 650w @4ohms, all rated at 0.05% THD. Weight is a back breaking 84lbs (38kg).

The KWA150 has both single-ended and balanced inputs, and has a special feature for the user to choose high or low bias current - ModWright did not specify how many watts of class A power the KWA150 will put out at each bias setting, but when I was at Centre Circle Audio yesterday, the KWA150 was set at high bias and it was running much hotter than my 60watt class A Pass Labs.

A friend and me had a very brief listen with the ModWright combo driving Thiel 3.7 loudspeakers, the frontend was the eminently musical Pathos Endorphin CD player. It was a very good first impression - the KWA150 had no problem driving the Thiel, the sound was extended and very open, the soundstage was dimensional and big. There was a lot of musical details, everything was presented clearly and without brightness, even though the amps were out of their boxes for just a couple of days.

Prices are yet to be fixed. Go and take a listen at Centre Circle Audio!

Contact Centre Circle Audio, Ph: 03-77282686; Nelson Chia 012-2876807; Sky Wong 012-3371787


junchoon2989 said...

surprise to see MWI in Malaysia! they provide modification to players (Sony and OPPO), wonder if Centre Circle takes up the mod right as well?


OdioSleuth said...

i think CCA just brought in ModWright's amps and not its mods, unfortunately :-)

Big E said...

The HiFi Unlimited team heard the ModWright pre/power amps powering the new Eggleston Works Andra III in CCA showroom today. Source was the excellent Esoteric X-03 CD/SACD player.

All we can say is that it's a mighty fine demo, worthy of your time to go check it out!

It practically blew us away!