November 3, 2009

November Suprises!

Well from the humour above, hopefully it has nothing, what so ever to do with the hifi equipments in your hands. He!He!

This month will see us playing with a few things certain with a few surprises in store during the month. Just like last month's un announced arrival in the form of the wonderfully musical Pathos Endorfin top range CD player.

Speaking of "form", we also have a pair of Marten Design Form Tower speakers on review. It's quite a knock out too!

Whilst still on the subject of speakers, I'll try and have a go at one of the "big bad boy" of PMC, called OB1(Kenobi of Star Wars, remember? , sorry, I just can't resist that!)i. It's quite possibly the largest speaker to enter service in my tiny 32 meter squared capacity room, but James of AV Designs is pretty confident that the PMC OB1i will perform well.

We also have the first ever Chinese made Krell, no, not those Jungson amps but the real deal in the form of S-300i integrated amp. This Krell also has i Pod connectivity too, cool!
Also latest from Esoteric, we test drive the newly arrive stereo SA-50 CD/SACD player.

Now, how can we, the self proclaimed cable guys not have any cables to play? Well, fret not. We play with another member of the Siltech Classic Anniversary series, the SPX-300 power cord.

We also have some budget hifi nuggets for those who just wants some nice, effective tweaks to play with. We have Auralex foam diffuser panels and some Cardas Golden Cuboids tweaks on trial.

We may also test drive a few other un announced surprises too!

Stay tuned.


kkthen said...

Wah, so much surprises. Thanks a lot for your team. Give a lot fun to Malaysian hifi Kaki. I am waiting for your surprises everyday.

Big E said...


Thanks for your kind words and continued support. I am looking forward to providing the "fun" too, but not everyday lah!

Too tired!