November 30, 2009

PMC's Fact Loudspeaker Range at AV Designs

For the last couple of weeks, you must have seen the panel ad of the new PMC loudspeakers, the fact 8, on the right hand panel of this blog. Now, you can see and listen to the real thing at AV Designs.

AV Designs held a launch for the new loudspeakers range from PMC, called 'fact', on Saturday 28/11/09. James of AV Designs had so kindly invited us, unfortunately Big E was held up by a business emergency, so yours truly here had all the pleasure of attending the event. Big E, you owe yourself a visit to AV Designs to listen to the fact 8. As you were so impressed by the OB1i from the same stable, the Fact 8 is not to be missed (better still, request the pair home for review! Oh, yes, you must!).

The fact 8 is the first model in the line and the only one for the time being. The fact 8 has a normal height and a slim front but is deep. For a dimension of 1030mm x 155mm x 380mm (HWD), and with the very excellent real wood veneer finishing (the tiger ebony version looked particularly fetching to me), they will not be out of place in any home decor. I also think that they are the most elegant looking pair of speakers to ever came out of PMC.

PMC quoted the following specifications:
Frequency response : 28Hz - 30kHz
Sensitivity : 88dB 1w 1m
Effective ATL (advanced transmission line length) : 3m
Impedance : 8 Ohms
Drive units : LF 2 x fact 140mm/5.5" precision drivers; HF 22mm high res SONOMEX soft dome ferro-fluid cooled
Input connectors : 2 pairs 4mm PMC Ag terminals (bi-wire or bi-amp)
Dimensions : H 1030mm+25mm spikes; W 155mm+80mm ingot feet; D 380mm+23mm Ag terminal
Weight : 20kg 44lbs.

The back panel, click on photo to enlarge, note the two tiny switches above the speaker terminals for tailoring the HF and LF

The fact 8 has also a unique feature rarely available in loudspeakers, it has a pair of switches just above the speaker terminals for the owner to tailor the HF and LF response to your room, allowing it to work optimally in a wider range of environment. The adjustments available are +2dB and -2db to the high frequency, and -3dB and -6dB to the low frequency.

For all the goodies in these beauties, they will set you back RM29,500 (list price) for a pair.

At the launch, the Fact 8 was driven by a complete set of Bryston electronics and Wireworld cables. True to its monitor pedigree, the Fact 8 sounded very even, clean and detailed. Despite the relatively small drivers, it was not bass shy. They also sounded open and the soundstage that they could throw up was big and 3-dimensional. All in all, a positive first impression.

The main demo area of AV Design was a really big space, and was open on the right side of the speakers, I believe the fact 8 would do even better in a dedicated room. That's why Big E got to request for a review pair to listen in his room. :-)

To listen to the PMC fact 8, contact AV Designs, Ph:03-21712828


Big E said...


Yeah, too bad I couldn't make it for the launch session, due to some last minute emergency.

I'll certainly ask James, very, very politely about having the Fact 8 in your room.

OdioSleuth said...

Big E,

The Fact8 in my room instead of yours? No problem, as long as you can find 2 big blokes to carry my Egglestons. :-)