December 3, 2009

Pop Pop Music, CMY Audio & Visual, And HiFi-Unlimited Presents! Love's Tapestry Master Tape Preview.

HiFi-Unlimited is proud to be associated with the preview event Love's Tapestry, a Pop Pop Music production and the enthusiastic participation of CMY Audio & Visual.

This is a reminder post for the Love's Tapestry preview event.

That Maggielurva(A&R Director of Pop Pop Music) is a real gem of a guy. He has invited us all readers of HiFi-Unlimited to check out his latest audiophile recording, called Love's Tapestry. The source used for the preview is "the" Master CD sent to him by mastering guru non other than Doug Sax.

CMY Audio & Visual has ever so kindly agreed to host the event at their flagship Damansara Utama Branch in Petaling Jaya. Let's hope they will use that awesome Metronome Technologie digital source and the Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate speaker system that I heard a few days ago.

Seats are truly limited and there will be only 2 preview sessions held on Sunday, 6th December 2009. The first preview session is 2pm followed by a 3pm session. Light refreshment and finger treats will be served, courtesy of CMY Audio & Visual.

All whom are interested to attend, please call Chan, tel no:012-2873551 for R.S.V.P.

If you've not reserved a place by now, please do so now as it is only 3 days before the event.

I can't wait already!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

thanks, big e, for the publicity.

forgot to mention that there will be a nice surprise in store...

i won't let the cat out of the bag yet :-)

katie said...

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