November 17, 2009

Roger Wang and JZ8

I have met Roger Wang, the guitar maestro, twice. Once in a performance in NBT and later in Tutti Studio. He strikes me as an easy-going and humble chap with absolutely no air, considering the fame he has. Considered one of the best finger-style guitarists in the country, you have to really see how Roger plays his guitar to understand why he is what he is today.

I just found out about Roger's blog today... check out how this guitar man talks about his involvement in his latest c0llaboration with Maggielurva and his latest toy, the harp guitar.

Also, I went to Tutti Studio last night to watch JZ8's practice. Finally, I get to meet Lydia Chew, the female vocalist. Lydia is small in frame but a very attractive and chatty lady. I love her voice! She can goes deep and has a tonal character that is very unlike the typical Chinese pop female singers which tend to be high-pitched and amusical. She has a poise which comes with many years of singing for big artistes like Jenny Tseng, Jacky Cheung and Sheila Majid, to name a few. If you like RegineTai and Winnie Ho (of 2V1G) for their youthfulness and exuberance, you will like Lydia Chew for her maturity and class.

I watched in amazement how Tay Cher Siang flirted with the piano. This man is amazing; he can play some amazing chords which are out of your imagination! His playing reminds me of George Winston, the American pianist.

Some of the songs they recorded included "The Beach" (Sha Tan) by David Tao, "I Have A DateWith Spring" (Ngo Wo Chun Tin Yau Gor Yuat Wui) by Alice Lau Ngah Lai and "Hang Fook Mo Tin Lun" by Eason Chan. In particular, I was mesmerized with Lydia's rendition of "I Have A Date With Spring". You know, to sing this song well, you must have a deep voice. Recently, I went for the Dama Ochestra musical adaptation of the same name and was hugely disappointed with Tan Su Suan's rendition of the same song towards the end of the musical. Don't get me wrong, Su Suan is a great singer but she is a soprano and she sang way too high! Lydia's bass tone is just perfect for this great great song.

JZ8 is vastly different from 2V1G, both have its appeal to different class of listeners. If you ask me, I love both.

According to Chow Kam Leong, the producer, he aims to release JZ8 before CNY next year. Maggie said he will definitely consider HQCD this time, as the recording this time will definitely be better than Love's Tapesty (which is already a milestone), as more Stage III cables are added coupled with more power conditioners.

You bet I will the first one to get an autograph, or maybe a hug :-( from Lydia Chew!

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