November 23, 2009

STOP PRESS! CMY Audio & Visual Updates.

The Ultimate Dynaudio!

Folks, the much awaited Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate speakers has arrived to CMY Damansara Utama branch in Petaling Jaya. It has been set up for demo with partenring Jeff Rowland Criterion pre and 312 power amps. Cables used are Siltech Royal Signature series.

The flagship of Metronome Technologie, CD5 Signature. It's made in France.

The bigger suprise is that the set up is fronted by the tube based Metronome Technologie CD5 Signature front end. This is a system to be heard to behold!

In fact, almost the whole range of CD players from Metronome Technologie of France, is available for demo in all CMY outlets.

Please call Chan, tel no: 03-77272419 for an apointment to audition.

Lastly, I wish to congratulate John Yew and CMY team for securing Metronome Technologie, another high end brand to their stables.