November 21, 2009

Vinyl Nirvana In Jaya One. Nova Hifi (formerly known as Valve & Vinyl).

Jaya One commercial center is fast becoming the alternative hifi mecca in Petaling Jaya. After Music By Design and Audio Perfectionist, Nova Hifi has recently settled in, whilst the Experts Group has just opened a show room there too(more on that later).

If you intend to vinyl shop, please bring more $$$! There are just too many good tittles to be had!

Nova Hifi, situated on 1st floor Block D of Jaya One, is run by Lai and Ng, both hifi stalwarts whom have over the years sold many, many top high end audio systems(some costing millions of RM$) in Malaysia.

Turntables display galore!

Odioslueth's fav! Shunyata Cables and Hydra Power Conditioners sold here.

First up Nova Hifi is probably still the best place to find and buy new vinyl in Malaysia! They have a huge collection of current "new" reissues, classic mandarin & canto "pop", plus lots of ever green and new releases in their collections.

The super high end Reimyo digital playback stack, consist of a top loading transport, DAC and PSU.

Another look at the superbly finished Reimyo CD transport.

Who can have vinyl without turntables? Nova Hifi also sells Avid and Nottingham Analogue turntables from the U.K. They can also do "special orders" of any other high end models or brands that you fancy. And with turn tables also comes cartridges, which includes ZYX and Lyra. Other analogue accessories are available here too.

Full range of KEF speaker on display here.

The accesories display cabinet, note some very special audiophile grade JVC K2 CDs on the lower decks. They even have some mono Artoru Toscannini recordings too.

Nova Hifi also displays the full KEF speaker range, Rouge Audio tube amps, Reimyo and Zanden Electronics. They also sell Enacom bits, Shunyata cables and power conditioners and Harmonix cable and tuning feet products.

Some of the quality "pre owned" gears on display.

Harmonix tuning feet sets.

Nova Hifi also has a great variety of quality "pre owned" high end gears on display too. Going the "pre owned" route to high end is certainly worth considering for the savings to be had.

A great place to hang out for the high end aspiring newbie and the vinyl junkie in you.

Contact Ng at 016-3202049 for an appointment.

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