December 19, 2009

Asia Sound Equipment @ Amcorp Mall PJ.

The Asia Sound Equipment store front, located on 1st floor of Amcorp Mall.

There are many happenings in the Malaysian high end audio scene lately. One of the more recent develpoment is that Asia Sound Equipment, located on the first floor of Amcorp Mall PJ, has opened a second showroom on the 3rd floor of the same building.

The hifi demo systems on the 1st floor showroom. Your choice of digital or analog?

Rotel budget hifi.

Rega system, P3-24 turtable, Fono phono stage, Brio intergrated amp.

Rega Saturn CD player.

Rega P3-24 turn table.

Xindak tube amplifiers, very well made in China.

The full range of Rega RS speakers.

Full range of AKG head phones sold here too.

The AV system demo, consisting of Rotel precessor receiver and Paradigm speakers.

The 1st floor lot is used to demo and display their full range of Rega turn tables, electronics, speakers & accesories, Xindak tube electronics and cables plus a host of other brands like Rotel electronics, Thorens turn tables and AKG head phones. One can audition any of the above mentioned hifi equipments in comfort.

The display area of the 4th floor show room, just next to Mc Donalds.

The up market JM Lab Alto Utopia and Paradigm Reference Studio speakers on display/demo.

The 4th floor show room demo is sourced by, what else, but Rega turntables!

More Paradigm speakers, and Xindak tube amps in the back ground.

The tastefully decorated 3rd floor showroom mainly showcases premium brands like Paradigm and JM Lab speakers. These speaker products are demoed with, what else? But Rega source and amplification.

The man in charge! Eddie Tan. Note the blue coloured Citibank safe behind him? He only opens that to his best customers! He!He!

Oh, by the way, did I tell you that there's a generous trade in offer for purchases of Rega turn tables? The pair of JM Lab Alto Utopia on display is also available with a generous discount. To make way for what seems to be the newer Skala or Grande Utopia EM perhaps?(fingers crossed).

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