December 8, 2009

B&W Comes Back To Malaysia. The Experts Group.

B&W speakers makes a come back to these shores. Arcam, Classe and Abbey Road Studio cables came along for a ride. If you're following Hi-Fi Avenue blog, then this is probably old news for you, but for those whom do not know, better late then never.

Abbey Road Studio cables on display.
The Experts Group, based in Singapore, has just opened a new showroom to show case the above audio specialty brands. The showroom, located between the B1 parking basement and Cold Storage supermarket at Jaya One commercial building, is tastefully decorated with minimalist design theme.

B&W I-pod accessories.
The "Lifestyle" home theater sound system featuring the PV-1 sub woofer.
The exclusive demo area for "high end" displays.
The Classe Delta series CDP and pre amp.
The Classe Delta series power amp.
The jewel in the showroom has gotta be the Kenneth Grange(famed British industrial designer) designed B&W Diamond Signature speakers. The demo pair, finished in white and top by a marble tweeter pod, looks absolutely exquisite(I kept thinking to myself, these RM$100K babies are going to be perfect for my audio cave!). The partnering electronics are a stack of Classe Delta CDP, pre and power amps. I do hope the system is better optimised on my next visit as I believed I only heard 20-30% of the system's potential performance.

B&W Diamond Signature, only 1000 pairs will be made, an instant collectible.
A close up of the mid Kevlar driver and diamond tweeter in it's dedicated marble pod.
B&W 804 and 805 S series speakers.
B&W CM series in black, and 6 series floor standers.

B&W CM series book shelf speakers with Arcam "lifestyle" mini hifi.
The latest Arcam FMJ series electronics.
The multi award wining Arcam Solo all in one system.
Almost the full range of B&W speakers are on display, along with Arcam electronics. The showroom is attended by Henry Loh and Sam Chan, both very helpful and friendly guys.

Do pay them a visit, or contact them at: 03-79568989

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