December 12, 2009

Love's Tapestry, Music Preview Session @ CMY Damansara Utama.

Man of the hour, presenting Maggielurva!

The HiFi-Unlimited team was invited by Maggielurva to attend the music preview session of Love's Tapestry, Pop Pop Music's latest CD, due to be released to the market soon.

The music was sourced from a master CD sent to Maggielurva by Doug Sax, ready to be pressed. The hifi reproduction system used to demo the music is non-other than the famed CMY Damansara Utama flagship demo system, comprising of Metronome Technologie CD5 Signature, Jeff Rowland Criterion pre and 312 power amps, and finally the speaker is Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition. Cables are Siltechs except, good ol' Maggielurva brought along his Stage 3 interconnects(the very same pairs used in the recording of Love's Tapestry) so that we could get closer to the actual recorded sound.

Star vocal of Love's Tapestry, Gina Pinazales.

There were about 30 odd audiophiles, including some industry people and Gina, the star of the CD! I just wished, Gina could have sing along to minus one tape "live" before the demo started, for an actual comparison. That would've really wowed me. Gina was really friendly to us whom managed brief chats. Audiophile extraordinaire and recording project consultant Jo Ki was also present to lend a hand. Chan, the Branch Manager of CMY deserve a pat in the back for treating us.

Gina, Maggielurva and Yodee(master audiophile guru par excellence!, I learnt many hifi tips from this fella)

It was a nice friendly atmosphere, with no selling pressure and most of all, an event of sharing amongst like minded folks. Well done Maggielurva, and may Love's Tapestry scale greater heights then you earlier efforts.

Finally, for those who missed the event, with Maggielurva's permission we've uploaded the 6 preview songs on demo that day. Do check out the Pop Pop Music play list on the right hand side column of this blog page. It sounds pretty good on my PC speakers too.

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